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2021 China Guangxi Huashan Rock Art World Cultural Heritage Protection Cartoon Contest



1) Huashan Rock Art World Cultural Heritage Protection

2) World Cultural Heritage Protection

3) The Chinese Culture

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China Guangxi Artists Association

Cartoon Art Committee of China Guangxi Artists Association


FreeCartoonsWeb (www.fcw.cn)


March 15, 2021


1) Quantity: Unlimited.Black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted.

2) Works must be created independently and must not be copied from others.

3) First of all, please send digital cartoons for the preliminary selection:

Format: JPEG; Size: max 5M per cartoon; Resolution ratio: 200dpi-300dpi.

4) Second, please send original cartoons for the final selection and exhibition:

Size: Min: A4(210mmx297mm), Max:A3(297mmx420mm).

5) Please write information in English with digital or original cartoons: title, author's full name, address, postcode, telephone, email, biography etc.


1) Plaease send digital cartoons to: huashanart@126.com

2) Plaease send original cartoons to: 

Miao Xiaojiang

2021 China Guangxi Huashan Rock Art World Cultural Heritage Protection Cartoon Contest

Guangxi Daily,

Block A, Building 6, No. 21 Minzhu Road,

Qingxiu District, Nanning City,

Guangxi, 530022,



All participating cartoons will become part of the art collection of Sponsor & Organizer.

The excellent cartoons will be displayed at FreeCartoonsWeb or published in: cards, posters, catalogs, newspapers, magazine, books, websites  and mobile service etc.

Participants are considered to have accepted all the conditions

Participants are aware that their submissions may be reprinted and exhibited without future monetary compensation.

All cartoons will not be returned.


Chairman of the Jury: Huang Qigong (Director of the cartoon art committee of China guangxi artists association, cartoonist)

Jury: Massoud Shojai Tabatabai (Director of  Iran cartoon websit, cartoonist)

Jury: Konstantin Kazanchev (President of Ukraine Caricaturists Association, cartoonist)

Jury: Raed Khalil (Director of  Syrian cartoon website, cartoonist)

Jury: Antonio Manuel Ferreira Dos Santos (Portuguese cartoonist)

Jury: Jiang Lidong (Founder of FreeCartoonWeb, cartoonist)


Gold Prize (1 awards): 3000RMB+Certificate+Catalogue(PDF)+Postcard from Huashan post office

Silver Prize (2 awards): 2000RMB+Certificate+Catalogue(PDF)+Postcard from Huashan post office

Bronze Prize (3 awards): 1000RMB+Certificate+Catalogue(PDF)+Postcard from Huashan post office

Excellent Prize (20 awards): Certificate+Catalogue(PDF)+Postcard from Huashan post office

Selected Prize: Certificate+Catalogue(PDF)+Postcard from Huashan post office


Ningming Partner Fraternity in NanNing

Beijing ZhongWen NanNing Law Firm

Guangxi Artisan Ding Ancient Building Engineering Co., LTD


Ukraine Caricaturists Association