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The second International Caricature Portrait Exhibition Tokyo 2020


In order to promote the international exchange of portraiture art, The second International Caricature Portrait Exhibition Tokyo 2020 has been held. The exhibition is held every two years and the first one was successfully held in Beijing in 2018.The second exhibition solicitation is hereby notified as follows:


1. Sponsor

China Institute of Newscartoon

Zhejiang Cartoonists Association

The Wolu Museum Of Art, Osaka, Japan

Zhejiang Tao’s Culture & Art CO.,LTD.


2. Chief Curator

Tao Xiaoming (chairman of Zhejiang Cartoonists’ Association)


3. Selection committee

By the organizers invited well-known experts in the industry


4. Exhibition theme

Peace, friendship, humor, joy


5. Date of exhibition

May 7th- 20th 2020

6. Exhibition location

Japan-China Friendship Center Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan


7. Scale of exhibition

About 200 selected works are on display


8. Related activities

During the exhibition, seminars and interactive sketching activities will be held in Tokyo, Japan.


9. Soliciting date

From now until December 30, 2019


10. Submission and participation requirements

1) All works shall be submitted via email to Taosar@taosart.cn .

2) Contributions to the ancient and modern celebrities from all over the world, the style and the number are unlimited, artistic, interesting as the first choice, the best admission. As the 32nd Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan in 2020, the number of sports stars will be appropriately increased.

3) The author's nationality, name, title, mailing address, postal code, email address, contact phone number and copy of id card should be indicated in the submitted work (copy of passport provided by foreign author). Be sure to be exact in order to contact.

4) The resolution of the submitted works should be above 200dpi and the file size should not be less than 2M.

5) The selected works shall be hand-drawn or electronically selected by the author. The single size of hand-drawn manuscripts shall be no less than 42cm×30cm and no more than 80cm×60cm. All electronic manuscripts shall be produced by the organizer.

11. Author treatment

1) The exhibition works will be published in a complete set, and each exhibitor will receive one copy as a gift.

2) Issue exhibition certificate.

3) Invitation to Tokyo for exchange activities


12. Party a's rights

1) The exhibition works have the rights of commerce, exhibition, research, photography, video, publication and publicity.

2) It shall not assume legal liability arising from copyright disputes.

3) All works submitted for evaluation and candidates shall be deemed to have been confirmed and complied with the provisions of the solicitation notice. The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of all the above provisions.


13. Contact information

Address: 503-505, building A, Dingan Dingdu business building, 68 Dingan Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China

Contact number: 86-571-85061123

Contact person: Zhu Kai(mobile phone: 18058800172); Chen Qi (mobile phone: 13735804085)

WeChat official account: 陶氏艺术